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“If you don’t know your passion, it confuses your mind, not your heart. Sometimes you need to know when to go on to the next thing — for the sake of other people.”
– Acceptance, Jeff Vandermeer (p. 263/264)

in other news- now that it’s done i have nothing more to look forward to.

PS: what happened with Duncan and the baby! DID Sheriff Mars win the election?! why wasn’t Lily on the memorial reel at the reunion? DID Veronica and Mac ever makeout during college?! these are the things i need answers to ALSO did Wallace go to Africa!

fade to black?

you absolute bastards! I wanted naked backs and writhing at the very least.

i deeply DEEPLYenjoy all the boys Veronica knows jumping into a fight for her, even Dick! (just to fight, i’m sure, but still)

ps: mmph! he DOES do angry well

i just want to extend my apologies to everyone who watched Veronica Mars on it’s first run and then had to wait ten years for closure. 

cute and covered in blood? yes please

goddamnit Logan there is nothing sexier than murderous rage

can Logan go back to being a dick? it’s really horrible watching his heart break.

okay but could Veronica and Logan just have a season of makeouts and smooth sailing in the relationship department? cause the drama is okay and all, but them together makes my heart get all fluttery.

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