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‘Ello! I know that you have a lot of requests at the moment, but I’m wondering if you’ll take one more? :) It’s a Moriarty/Reader one and, I’m not sure if this is considered a kink or not, squirting. *blushes something fierce.* That’s all! And hopefully you won’t judge this request….<3 
you should… do… more of those moriarty/reader ones…. because of reasons… or really anyone/reader…. i just…. i like them a lot ok?
Warnings! Porn. Moriarty/Reader. Squirting (Female Ejaculation, slightly vague- but there). Fellatio and masturbation!

Direct sequel to THIS.

Your legs are trembling, your breath coming out in deep gasps- his fingers pull from you and you groan mournfully at the loss, his smile is crooked and beautiful. He reaches behind you to your bound hands and pulls the rope undone easily,
"You won’t run, will you." it’s not a question- and in response, you don’t even move your hands which are crying out for circulation, "Good girl." he says, his voice is hot against your ear.

The lights are still off, your eyes are adjusting finally. There’s muted light coming from behind you, and you wonder if a door has been propped open. Moriarty is looking behind you and smiling fondly- the look makes your heart clench. He glances to you and laughs softly, it’s certainly affectionate now, “Shh now. You’re still daddy’s favourite girl.” he’s sliding the dark coat from his shoulders, and pressing the buttons open on his white dress shirt- your breath hitches and your fingers dig crescent imprints into your palms from your desire to touch.

"Yes." he says as if he’s reading your very thoughts- more than likely though, he’s reading the way your body is shifted forward, your shoulders angled towards the pale expanse of his chest. "Yes." he says again, as his white button-up shirt drops to the floor.

The tendons in your shoulders stretch uncomfortably as you bring your hands around to the front of your body, you barely notice the pull. Your right hand presses against his collarbone, tentative, his skin is fire under your touch. You trace your fingertips along his protruding clavicle, pressing soft lines against his skin. You drum a rhythm around his heart and he hums along- you’ve never heard anything so mesmerizing.

Your thumb brushes across a peaked nipple and Moriarty’s body arches under your touch- you do it again, harder this time, and he hisses against your mouth. His lips are pressed against yours- his mouth open and hot. Your thumb and index finger take the hardened stub between them and you twist- the moan that pours into your mouth makes you smile.

You drag your fingertips downwards, your nails pulling forth red welts in their wake- Moriarty is arching against your touch and you’ve never felt more wanted, more powerful than you do in this moment. His fingers are digging into your kneecaps, kneading appreciatively, your body is still coming down from its last release- but your cunt aches to feel his fingers, his mouth, his hard heavy cock.

Moriarty stand slowly, your fingers have just reached the waistband of his pants- he looks down at you, his eyes are dark and blown-wide from lust, the look is expectant- you keep your eyes locked with his as your fingertips press at the metal clasp of his belt, the slow slide of leather through the clasp sounds like a promise. Your hands pull open the button and you lean forward in your chair, kissing the small space of skin revealed with an open mouth while your thumb slips the zipper downwards.

Moriarty’s fingers are in your hair, tangled and tugging- you can feel the force and pressure of him pushing down and you smile against his skin and press kisses down through the short, dark trail that leads to his cock. You pause occasionally, looking up to find him watching you- everything about his reactions makes your cunt more and more wet and ready. One of his hands slide from your hair and press against your jaw- his fingers dig into your skin, you can feel the nails leaving sharp crescent imprints, Moriarty’s thumb swipes across your lower lip and your mouth open automatically. His low laughter, surprisingly affectionate, makes your pulse beat erratically against your ribcage.

His other hand drops from your hair, you watch- enthralled, as his hand slips into his pants. He’s watching you again and running his tongue along his lower lip, your eyes dart between his and his hand- you can see the quick flash of knuckles and skin and the moan that falls from between your parted lips is partially a whimper. Moriarty smiles, his fingers tighten on your jaw,
"Ask." he says, "Ask for it."

"Let me." You say, your voice comes out broken and desperate- it makes his smile widen. He pulls his cock out from the confines of his pants, his fingers slide along the length slowly- he presses himself against the side of your face, running the head of his hot cock against your cheek- you can feel a warm, wet line of precome against your skin, "Please."

Moriarty slides his cock against your lips before pressing forward into your mouth- your jaw stretches to accommodate him, your tongue swirls around the head and you swallow the taste of him greedily- you press your tongue up against the underside, running the tip along the vein there, you can feel his pulse in your mouth and it makes you moan around him.

You lift one of your hands, splaying your fingers in the coarse hair above his jutted cock and holding his body there so that you can work his length in and out of you mouth at your own pace.  His hips jerk forward in a smooth motion- as if to test your hold and you take him as deep as you can in response, he moans as your throat clenches around him,
Oh. Good girl.” He whispers, shifting his hips and repeating the motion.

Your free hand drops to between your legs, you can’t help it- the feel of his cock pushing into your mouth, the smell of his sweat and skin, the way his eyes can’t seem to leave yours- it’s all too much. Your fingers slide through the wet heat and you moan around his cock, your middle finger pushes between swollen lips to press into your cunt- you’re incredibly wet, and still sensitive from your last orgasm.

Moriarty’s thrusts are deep, you can feel the head of his cock pressing up against the back of your throat and you wish you could take him deeper, feel him all of the way inside you. His legs are visibly shaking from the effort of standing up- you suck harder, swirling your tongue around his cock in a desperate attempt to get him to come first. You’ve never thirsted for something so badly.

His hand clenches in your hair and he tugs your face forward until your nose is pressed against his sweat slicked skin, his hips jerk forward once, twice, and again before hot liquid pours into your mouth and coats the back of your throat- your body bucks against your fingers and your orgasm builds, you can feel the pressure of it- so much stronger than you’re used to- you grind down against yourself and it’s a sudden release, you can feel the wetness pour from you in waves, your choked sob is lost to the weight of Moriarty’s cock in your mouth- you pull back and look down at yourself amazed by the sheer force of your orgasm.

Moriarty’s hand closes around your jaw again, softer this time,
"Completely natural," he says, his voice is affectionate once more, "and exciting." he leans down and captures your mouth in a deep kiss, "I wonder if I could make you do that again."

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