Just so we’re clear.

Fucking sap.
A little blasphemy.
MASTURBATION (I fucking told you so).
SeasonTwo (directly post-Everybody Loves A Clown).
Song-fic(ish) to this: Loverman/Metallica 

This is literally how far in I am- please don’t hurt me Supernatural fandom (and please don’t hurt me all my Sherlock-porn followers).

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My God, Cara. Ever loving Christ that was hot. And I don’t watch Supernatural. I think I need to start. And soon. Jesusfuck. That’s what I have to say about that.

#Didn’t I tell you Exorin owned my soul?  #I know I did.  #Well  #if you didn’t believe it before  #believe it now  #Dean/Impala  #unf  #and I don’t even watch SPN  

I am overjoyed by all these tags and all this love.

My followers are all fucking amazing.

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