For all intents and purposes, The Boyfriend is now The Husband.

Shotgun wedding at my dads bar last night (this morning?) only… without the pregnancy. Heh.

Also, My Nana’s in town- which is why I’ve been away. I’ll be back around Sunday night!

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  1. atribs said: HOLY SHIT CONGRATS! I’m soooo happy for you, I could pee!! AHHHHH YAYAY LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU GUYS
  2. caitlintraynor said: Congratulations! But “for all intents and purposes”? What does that mean? Did ypu do some old celtic type wedding where you jump over a nroom or something? That would be cool if you did ^_^
  3. gallifreyandeductions said: Congratulations darlin’!
  4. ihocklecockles said: Haha! Congrats! x
  5. exorin posted this
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